Panic Attack

by Black Rage Goes A Long Way

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Signs of a panic attack:

- what feels like an irregular or racing heartbeat (palpitations)
- sweating
- trembling
- shortness of breath (hyperventilation)
- a choking sensation
- nausea
- dizziness
- tingling fingers
- ringing in your ears


released July 25, 2016
Maxime De Waegenaere - various symptoms of fear, anxiety, anger and insanity

Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty mistreated through a ProCo Rat, a Red Panda Context and a Blackstar Fly recorded with a Zoom H2.
Further processing through Ableton Live.

Yes, it's my own lungs on the cover.
No they weren't in good shape at the time.




Spiral Surgery Arras, France

Not exactly a label but rather a home for the various projects of Maxime De Waegenaere (The Dick Riviere Experience, Sylvydr)

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